How should I plant my bloomer™ after use?

After use, plant your bloomer™ butt approximately 1/2 inch in soil outside (not in a vase in your house). The 100% organic makeup of bloomer™ vegetarian wax filters is comprised of 3 top secret ingredients that take some time to decompose. Thus, it is essential to plant your tip in an area with direct exposure to the elements: direct sunlight, exposure to rainfall, surrounding vegetation (grass or other wildflowers), in order to give your filter the best chance to bloom!


How long does it typically take for these tips to bloom?

Each tip can bloom in approximately 9-12 months depending on where/how it was planted in addition to the local weather and seasonal climate of the area.


What are bloomer™ tips made of?

The ingredients for our patented filter tip are top secret but include the following: 100% organic vegan friendly wax blend that is sustainably-sourced, noninvasive/native high-pollinating wildflower seeds, and lots of ♥. The 100% organic wax composition protects the seeds from the harsh heat and toxins of smoke while also providing a decomposable material that allows the seeds to germinate and bloom.


What kind of seeds are inside your filter tips?

We use a proprietary blend of noninvasive native wildflower seeds that are RHS-listed, “Plants for Pollinators." We only use red poppies. Red poppies are not listed on the USDA invasive & noxious species list.

Where are your products made?

bloomer™ filter tips are proudly made with ♥ in Miami, USA. Our cone products are all rolled and packed in Central America and Central Asia.



Save the bees.

Albert Einstein once said, "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." According to the USDA, Pollinators, most often honey bees, are responsible for one in every three bites of food we take, and increase our nation's crop values each year by more than $15 billion. However, honey bees have been in serious decline for more than three decades in the United States. Our filter tips contain noninvasive/ native wildflower seeds that are designed to be planted after use and bloom wildflowers to help save the bees.

Stop pollution.

More than 3 trillion cigarette butts are littered annually worldwide. Our goal is to replace that pollution with beautiful, noninvasive wildflowers. Contained in our fully biodegradable filter tips is our proprietary wildflower seed mix, made only of native/ noninvasive wildflowers species that won’t disturb the ecosystems around them. Most importantly, these seeds are pollinator-friendly and help to combat depopulation in honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators by providing them with necessary sources of pollen to help fuel them on their journey. By 2025, we will have planted 1 billion bee-friendly, wildflowers.